Comedy Central Picks Up “Not Safe With Nikki Glaser” To Series And Orders a Nikki Glaser Hour Stand-Up Special

(via Deadline)

Comedy Central is wise to double down on getting into the Nikki Glaser business.

We were blindsided when Nikki & Sara Live got cancelled at MTV and also surprised that Nikki didn’t immediately get to delve right back into another TV show elsewhere.

Finally, Nikki is set to return with a brand new series “Not Safe with Nikki Glaser”, a panel show focusing on all things sex, and a new hour stand-up special all on Comedy Central. Look for the series and the special sometime next year. 

We’re confident that Nikki will one up all the other attempts at a funny sex panel show on TV. We wonder if that will involve talking to people after they just had sex in something more exciting looking than a box.