Please Enjoy Nikki Glaser Dissecting Her Conan Debut

The Set Up has been one of the more illuminating web series when it comes to looking into the nitty gritty of the craft of stand-up comedy. Conan booker/producer JP Buck revisits his favorite stand-up sets on Conan with the very comedians that performed them. Breaking down every iota of the set and seeing the amount of detail, attention, care, and work that goes into a late night set is fascinating, especially if you’re a big comedy nerd or a comedian yourself.

Nikki Glaser’s attention to her particular crafting of jokes is painstaking, which she is through and through one of the best artisans of a joke that comedy has right now. That all clearly comes across in her episode of The Set Up where she revisits her very first set on Conan, which you can and should enjoy right here right now.