Nikki Glaser Bangin’ Is a Fantastic Special and Proof That You Can Still Be Hysterical and Edgy in 2019


In the interests of making you watch Nikki Glaser’s awesome (and we use that superlative very sparingly around here) comedy special Bangin’ rather than another screed that dissects the art form of comedy in these times, we’ll try and keep this brief.

1) In case you didn’t notice, Nikki Glaser is as sharp (with a wonderful dash of silliness) as ever and this hour is a wonderful exhibition of that notion.

2) Bangin’ is undeniable proof you can be edgy with the current “woke culture” and still be so damn funny. Glaser starts off so blue as she opens up on an in-depth, explicit bit on blowjobs and then, talks candidly about sex for the whole hour. Speaking your truth (with a bit of brilliant comedic finesse) rather than going for shock seems to be the magic ingredient with Nikki on Bangin.  

3) Nikki Glaser: Bangin’ is, in our opinion, the best stand-up special, out of literal dozens (including all the ones with the biggest names in comedy), from Netflix this year.

So, go watch Nikki Glaser’s Bangin’ on Netflix, streaming now.