“The Nightly Show” and Judd Apatow on “The Tonight Show” Torched Bill Cosby

As Hannibal Buress really brought to light the allegations of Bill Cosby’s rapes and sexual assaults, comedy was certainly going to keep that torch burning after that damning 2005 deposition was recently released in full.

So, The Nightly Show pretty much dedicated their entire show last night to taking down Cosby with a few, great incendiary bars rapped by The Nightly Show’s own Holly Walker

Larry’s opening segment going through the aforementioned 2005 deposition

…and having a panel really break down why everyone needs to let go of their nostalgia of Bill Cosby.

Then, on The Tonight Show, a show that Bill Cosby has very memorably frequented over decades, let Judd Apatow do a stand-up set where he closed with a fine, scorching send-up of Cosby.

In case you weren’t aware, comedy isn’t going to let one of its former heroes have a mere fall from grace. Rather, it’s going to kick him all the way down and keep kicking.