Nicole Byer Takes Honesty About Dating to Whole New Level with “Why Won’t You Date Me?”


Nicole Byer is 13 episodes into her dating/relationships/sex podcast and it’s amazing how she has courageously taken an unfiltered, in-depth into her own perpetual “single-dom” as well as dating in general and the dating history of her guests. 

As is with much of Byer’s comedy, her candor on the podcast is both compelling and funny. On top of that, Nicole goes an extra mile to ask all of her guests whether or not they would date her (which is made even more frank as she has hooked up with some of her guests in the past) as well as their thoughts on her online dating profiles. 

So, please take and listen (and if you’re into it like we are) and subscribe to Why Won’t You Date Me? with Nicole Byer.