Get Nick Turner’s Very Fun Debut Album “Yelling”

When it comes to comedians having their act feel tight, Nick Turner ranks pretty high on that list. What’s especially impressive about Nick’s stand-up being well-crafted is that he really doesn’t rely on one-liners, which does lend itself to that comedic efficiency more easily.

Instead, Turner has extended bits that feel loose, but have been carefully honed. Some of them jovially oscillate back and forth between truth and utter silliness and even in front of and behind the fourth wall. His debut album Yelling, preceding his upcoming half hour special on Comedy Central, is a great display of all of Turner’s comedic prowess at work.

The album comes out September 30th (that’s probably tomorrow if you’re reading this as soon as we posted it), but we say that you should go ahead and pre-order Yelling here.