Slacker Week at New Beverly Cinema Has Up In Smoke, Animal House, and Big Lebowski

Revival cinema theater, New Beverly Cinema, is bringing an entire week of comedy, leaning towards the stoner kind, to their celebrated screens next week starting Sun. Aug. 26th. As they do double features in 35mm on a nightly basis, they have a lovely program lined up that only costs $8 on any night (that includes both movies).

Schedule of films:
Up in Smoke/Harold & Kumar Aug. 26th & 27th
Pineapple Express/Super Troopers Aug. 28th
Animal House/Knocked Up Aug. 29th
Beavis and Butthead Do America/Ghost World Aug. 30th
Fast Times at Ridgemont High/Our Idiot Brother Aug. 31st & Sept. 1st
The Big Lebowski Sept. 1st

Sound good? OK, then find a good parking spot at the New Beverly for the week to go to this.