Trailer for Never Goin’ Back Hints at a Great Indie Teen Comedy/Debut for Augustine Frizzell

While your local multiplex will be chock full of big budget, action adventure franchise movies, there ought to be plenty of a delightful indie/arthouse fare as an alternative to those who don’t want just a bunch of explosions in their movie going experience.

Augustine Frizzell’s debut feature Never Goin’ Back might just be one such indie, coming-of-age, buddy road comedy that follows two girls hellbent on having a good time at the beach in Texas. We have a pretty good feeling about how fun (and probably how .gif-able) this will be after watching the trailer.

In fact, it reminds another similar movie that we loved from a few years ago, Fort Tilden

Look for Never Goin’ Back when it hits select theaters August 3rd.