Netflix’s 47-Comedy-Specials-From-Around-The-World Event “Comedians of the World” to Happen on New Year’s Day


Earlier this year, Netflix announced that they were going to do a simultaneous drop of over 30 comedy specials from comedians around the world. 

Talk of when that would happen was vague, but, just yesterday, the streaming service giant announced that they’ve kicked up the number of specials to 47, will be doing it on New Year’s Day, probably when you have 48 spare hours of time to watch all of it, and are continuing their run on the most generic sounding name for their stand-up series by calling this “Comedians of the World” (the others being The Standups and The Comedy Lineup)

For the US, specials from Nicole Byer, Chris D’Elia, Neal Brennan, and Nick Swardson will be dropping. Here’s a peek of some of the other specials that are set to come on Jan. 1st, 2019.

So, like the globe being swallowed by the smiley face in this poster, prepare to be swallowed up by stand-up as soon as 2019 starts.