Pt. 2 of Netflix’s 15 Minute Comedy Specials Are Now Streaming


There’s another round of a tight 15 minutes of stand-up from all the names above as Pt. 2 of Netflix’s Comedy Lineup (we maintain that they could have come up with a better name) just started streaming today.

Similar to Pt. 1, it’s a very diverse collection of comics and many who we’ve personally enjoyed seeing ascend the stand-up ranks with their fantastic and finely honed comedy stylings to having a special on Netflix (like Aisling Bea, Emma Willmann, Kate Willett, and Max Silvestri). It also has more of that organic feel that you’d get when going to see stand-up from these folks live in person (a thing all of you should be doing if you’re not already). 

You’ve got all of Labor Day Weekend to enjoy approximately two hours of Aisling, Emma, Janelle James, Josh Johnson, JR De Guzman, Kate, Matteo Lane, and Max. We can only hope this will lead to you going to see them all live doing way longer sets.