Watch the Premiere of “Neon Joe: Werewolf Hunter” Projected on a ‘Beaver Moon’ Within a YouTube Video Thanks to Adult Swim

Everything here is as exactly as you read in the headline, though we’re not exactly sure about the “beaver” part.

Adult Swim put the premiere of Jon Glaser’s Neon Joe: Werewolf Hunter on YouTube ahead of the premiere that’s less than two weeks away. However, to entice you to tune in on Mon. Dec. 7th at midnight to watch the actual, unaltered televised premiere, they have put this whole first episode with a caveat. 

They “projected” it onto an image of a moon, which they’re calling a “beaver moon” because if you can watch stuff on a beaver moon, why wouldn’t you?

Still, you can watch the whole episode in its entirety for free, courtesy of the fine folks of Adult Swim. Maybe some of you prefer ‘beaver moon definition’ as opposed to HD?