Pick of the Day: The Neil Hamburger Event (in LA) 9/26

We can remember the last Neil Hamburger and Special Guests that we went to so vividly. It was the end of 2019 and we were at the then-still-alive Satellite in Silverlake and so many of us didn’t know or didn’t want to admit what was coming, so we were just gathering indoors without thinking there was anything really wrong.

Thus, we got to enjoy one of LA’s longest standing residencies by a comedian, Neil Hamburger, trash various musicians while coughing hoarsely and holding way too many rocks glasses as we have gotten to do for years and years and years.

The Satellite LA is no more and, because of COVID-19, there hasn’t been a top-billed Neil Hamburger show in so many, many months. However, that’s changing as The Neil Hamburger Event is set to take over Zebulon come Sun. Sept. 26th at 8PM PT. You really ought to snag your tickets now (and hopefully nothing has to get rescheduled because of the Delta variant). They’re $14.76 and you can get ’em here.