Nato Green Calmly and Hilariously Breaks Down Issues in Trump Era with “The Whiteness Album”


While late night is certainly flooded with satirical commentary on the Trump Administration, very few individual comedians have yet spent a majority of their recordings, whether they be specials or albums, talking about Trump, his policies, and what life is like surrounding it all. You certainly can chalk that up to fatigue from the absurd, concussive, and non-stop nature of his presidency.

However, Nato Green, an always staunchly political comedian, doesn’t shy away from craftily joking about POTUS and several other hot button issues like race, gentrification, immigration, etc. Green, in his latest album The Whiteness Album, combines impeccable writing, a calm demeanor and delivery, and a personal take on all these seemingly overwhelming issues that offers up jokes that don’t feed into that aforementioned Trump fatigue.

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