Nathan Fielder’s Latest Prank/Small Business Solution Got Him an Amazon Bestseller

(via Uproxx)

Well, of course it did.

Based on his latest scheme of having people moving furniture as a workout to ease the labor demand of a moving company, prankster grandmaster Nathan Fielder had a real book published that would offer legitimacy to such a workout plan. 

The book, The Movement, was sold on Amazon and made it to being a bestseller even though it was a ghostwritten book that we’re sure plenty of people bought because they’re all in on the joke. Just think of how well Dumb Starbucks merch sold and this should come as no shock to any one.

Either way, Nathan’s “brand” of business solutions are getting so strong, as exemplified by this book, that we’re sure that people will be into them, both business owner and customer, no matter how farfetched they are.