Nate Craig’s Preferred Customer Is One of Our Favorite Comedy Albums of the Year


The opening to, Preferred Customer, this new album from Nate Craig, should set a new standard for opening an hour of comedy. It’s, at the same time, warm, inviting, just the right, measured amount of sass, and an actual extended greeting beyond the routine “great to be here” or story about what part of town the venue in which the album/special was recorded at. 

Such care and consideration are the bedrocks of what makes up Craig’s latest and greatest album. The observations within Nate’s bits, ranging from inventions to abortion to Adobe Flash, are so clever and original, yet never too farfetched. Similarly, the hour progresses smoothly and nothing seems shoe-horned in, though the material is incredibly varied, topic-wise. Craig just seems to stick the landing here, whether it be in delivery, pacing, diction, etc. 

Simply put, we were laughing out loud, wire-to-wire, in our car while listening to Preferred Customer. Thus, we’ve found one of our favorite stand-up albums of 2018.

Preferred Customer comes out this Thursday (in just a few hours of this post) wherever you stream your albums, but you can (and should) pre-order it on iTunes right now.