Nate Craig Releases Hour Special Version of His Fantastic “Preferred Customer”

Nate Craig’s 2018 album Preferred Customer was one our favorite comedy albums of all 2018, which automatically put it in our 100 Best of 2018 list.

Not only is it a finely, finely sharpened hour of personal, observational stand-up that’s exceptionally delivered by Craig, but the extended opening to the hour, a special sort of greeting, is still something to behold, even two years later.

Just yesterday, Craig released via All Things Comedy the hour special version of Preferred Customer, shot live at Dynasty Typewriter,  so you can see Nate look as sharp as he is with his entire set list. In fact, for your convenience and delight, Nate put the whole thing on YouTube for you stream whenever you’d like, free of charge or borrowing anyone’s streaming service password.

Without further adieu, please enjoy Nate Craig: Preferred Customer here.