Nate Bargatze’s New Hour “The Tennesee Kid” Is a Great Sequel


First off, we should say that Nate Bargatze might have the calmest, most tranquil voices in comedy (save for Joe Pera, maybe?), which is part of what makes the twists in his humor so potent (as you’re lulled into a very relaxed state when listening to him). 

Anyways, Nate offers up another hour of stories and observations in The Tennessee Kid that are as homespun as homespun can be and makes an hour that’s quite literally a sequel. He gives explicit follow-ups to bits from his last special to close out this special, which, outside of talking about family, almost never happens in comedy specials. Whether or not it’s his down-to-earth-ness that make fans clamor for the throughlines to Nate’s life and experiences, it’s hard not to be charmed by Bargatze yet again here.  

Nate Bargatze: The Tennessee Kid is now streaming on Netflix.