Watch Trailer for Nate Bargatze’s Latest Special Made During COVID Era “The Greatest Average American”

The attempts at doing stand-up during COVID-19 have tried all sorts of things with varying levels of recklessness and/or safety. The prospect of making a comedy special or shooting any sort of comedy to be streamed or aired has forced all sorts of experiments with drive-in shows or performing in front of a wall of TVs or doing stand-up in an open field.

To imagine, a year ago, as COVID-19 took grasp, it was hard for any of us to imagine what live comedy in person would ever look like, much less what a Netflix special might look like.

Now, with the impending arrival of Nate Bargatze’s latest hour, which is always worth watching because of Nate’s charming, subtle, yet so sharply observed comedy, you can see a full on hour special with the entire audience masked and distanced from each other. It’s almost like we’re seeing a parallel universe or one from one of those alternative history series.

Go see for yourself in this trailer for Nate Bargatze: The Greatest Average American here.