Pick of the Day: Naomi Ekperigin Works It Out 4/28

Naomi Ekperigin, for our money, is still one of the most magnetic, dynamic, engaging, and thoroughly hilarious comedians to watch on stage and is someone we can’t wait to see live, regardless of the stage being virtual on in-person. Look her up on Comedy Central, on 2 Dope Queens, and on Mythic Quest.

She has stayed connected to us all comedically through her lovely live-stream and podcast, Couples Therapy, with her JewBoo, Andy Beckerman, but she has some time coming up to actually do some classic stand-up and work out some brand new material. Ekperigin’s presence and succinctly pinpointing the absurdities in minutia are, frankly, timeless.

She’ll be live-streaming this very special night of Naomi Ekperigin Works It Out via Dynasty Typewriter and will have a stellar pair of friends/contemporaries, Aparna Nancherla and Jo Firestone, joining her.

Don’t miss out on Ekperigin’s night on Wed. Apr. 28th at 6PM PT/9PM ET and get your tickets, starting at $10, here.