Sketchfest Retrospective PART 2

Naked_Comedy is back once again! Finally continuing with the mind blowing behind-the-scenes greatness of Sketchfest 2010, just as good now as it was then.

This episode is chock full of the comedy and comedians you want to hear from! AND this will be the first episode that does good on Naked_Comedy’s promise of having comedy clips WITH awesome comedian interviews! The theme of this episode is DRINKING, and so, here is the track list for this episode:

1 Nick Swardson – Party – Drinking Comedy Central Records
2 Tim Slagle – Europa – Drinking – Stand Up Records
3 Mike Birbiblia – Two Drink Mike – Two Drink Mike – Comedy Central Records
4 Doug Benson – Unbalanced Load – Drinking – Comedy Central Records
5 Doug Stanhope – Die Laughing – Stillborn Liver – Stand Up Records
6 Dave Attell – Skanks for the Memories – Drinking Tips – Comedy Central Records
7 Matt Braunger – Drunk Drive Through – Audio Clip
8 Bill Hicks – Drunk Driving – Audio Clip
9 God’s Pottery – Live at Comix EP – Jesus I Need A Drink – Comedy Central Records
10 Matt Braunger – Soak Up the Night – My Summer’s Eve Commercial – Comedy Central Records
11 Kyle Kinane – Death of the Party – Bonus Track: Cruises – A Special Thing Records

On top of all this amazing comedy, this episode features interviews with:

Eddie Pepitone
Matt Champagne
Ron Lynch
Jamie Flam
Hugh Moore
The Birthday Boys
Matt Braunger
& Kyle Kinane

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