It’s not an April Fools joke, NEW EPISODE OF NAKED_COMEDY IS UP!

Sketchfest 2010 Retrospective FINALE

We here at Naked_Comedy studios are churning out the episodes again! And after a long year of build up, the Sketchfest 2010 Retrospective Finale IS HERE

This episode is as behind-the-scenes as you can get! And for whatever reason (I forget now,) this episode features COP COMEDY. With comedy by:

1. Doug Stanhope – ACID Bootleg – Vice Cops
2. Jamie Kilstein – Please Buy My Jokes – Odd Laws – Stand Up! Records
3. John Mulaney – The Top Part – Law and Order and Mr. Jerry Orbach – Comedy Central Records
4. R.O Manse – R.O. Magic – Beverly Hills Cop (& Gremlins) – A Special Thing Records
5. Doug Stanhope – Something to Take the Edge Off – Top Ten Laws – Stand Up! Records
6. Marijuanalogues – The Marijuana-Logues – Legalize It
7. Taylor Negron – The Good, The Bad & The Druggly – The Little Giant
8. JP Incorporated – JP Incorporated – World’s Greatest Police Chase Music – Comedy Central Records
9. Chris Hardwick – Comedy Death Ray – Chris Hardwick – Comedy Central Records
10. Paul Scheer & Brett Gelman – CDR Xmas CD 2010 – ‘Twas the Night Before Xmas – A Special Thing Records
11. Thomas Lennon & Robert Ben Garant – Comedy Death Ray – Reno 911! – Comedy Central Records
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Plus, we have interviews behind the scenes of some of the biggest shows at Sketchfest! What did Paul think about doing improv for San Franciscan comedy nerds? Where did Kerri get her information on Twitter? How did Chris really feel about his Shit Show screening choice? This episode features interviews with:

Chris Hardwick
Paul Scheer

& The cast of Reno 911!:
Thomas Lennon

Robert Ben Garant

Kerri Kenney-Silver

Cedric Yarbrough

Carlos Alazraqui
Ian Roberts
Joe Lo Truglio

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Next Time: BRIDGETOWN RETROSPECTIVE (Just in time to promote this year’s BRIDGETOWN)

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