Myq Kaplan’ Latest Album “No Kidding” Might Be His Best Hour of Stand-Up Yet


Over the years, we hope you might have been as lucky as we have been in seeing Myq Kaplan evolve as a comedian. His latest album, No Kidding, is, thus far, the pinnacle of that evolution. 

Starting from his early years with impressive feats of verbal and linguistic acrobatics, Myq has now worked his way to presenting a very colorful, dazzling tapestry of who he really is a person, comedian, and artist. He has got a big following in the autistic community, defends not having kids, and explores the virtues of certain drugs. That’s just the tip of the ice berg that you get off of No Kidding.  Of course, there are still plenty of threads of top shelf wordplay and clever callbacks that tie that tapestry together. 

This might just be, as we mentioned up top, his best hour yet.

No Kidding was just released today off of AST Records (recent Grammy Award winners by the way) and you can get it on iTunes or on CD.