One of the many signs that you’ve made it in the biz is that people start to make unauthorized musicals about you or the thing you do.

Such is the case now with international true crime comedy podcast phenom My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. Some of UCB’s best musically inclined performers are really gathering to do a staged reading of an actual unauthorized My Favorite Murder musical (though Karen and Georgia have seemed to retroactively authorize it?). In this production (the full scale thing is coming next year), Karen and Georgia will actually solve a murder! 

The folks that are daring to do this unauthorized My Favorite Murder Musical are:

Writers: Dahlya Glick and Michael O’Konis.
Director: Andrew Young
(featuring additional songs by) Allie Jennings, Joseph Porter, and Gregory Lawrence Smith Esq..
Dahlya Glick
Maddi Fraser
Nicole Lauria
Joseph Porter
Anna Garcia
Lindsey Moore Ford 

My Favorite Murder: The Unauthorized Musical will take place on Tues., Oct. 29th at 10PM at UCB Sunset Inner Sanctum and admission is FREE! Get more details here.