New Showrunner Kristin Newman Calling Audible for Tonight’s Midseason Return of “The Muppets”

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

Largely, it seems like they’re bringing the series back the original spirit of The Muppets.

In an attempt to make a Muppets TV show that would both please adult and younger audiences in 2016, ABC made a cross between The Muppets, Studio 60, and The Office that erred more on the adult side of things. That sounds like it should be a home run these days, but that has not been the case.

Low ratings brought the network to let go of the initial showrunner Bob Kushell in favor of new blood, Kristin Newman from Galavant. In this Hollywood Reporter interview, Newman has opted to have less in fighting between The Muppets, re-center Kermit and Miss Piggy’s relationship, and focus on joyful moments. 

It sounds like a good move and we’ll all get to see how effective Newman’s new plan is tonight on ABC at 8:30PM.