New Muppets-esque Show, Arsenio is Back, and More Comedy ‘Trades’ News

And now for a quick, but thorough, list of industry news headlines regarding the world of comedy. (with a bit of commentary thrown in if we feel like it)

BBC and Jim Henson Co. team on new Muppets style program, ‘No Strings Attached’. “[insert any pilot picked up this year by U.S. network] got picked up instead of this?!?”-most people probably

Daria will air again with an MTV retro hour. We only fear what will be on MTV when ’00 nostalgia takes over.

Arsenio Hall returning to late nightHe must have been watching Leno and thought, “I can definitely make a comeback.”

Safety Not Guaranteed filmmakers on to make The Ambassador

There may be a Bored to Death movie

Denis Leary cop comedy pilot gets greenlit by FX. Does this mean 7 or so years from now Denis Leary will be in a comedy pilot on FX about being in the Army?

Larry David movie may have Jon Hamm in it.

Ed Helms, Amy Poehler, Cobie Smulders, Michael Ian Black, and Noureen DeWulf to be in They Came Together.

Chelsea Peretti officially leaving Parks and Recreation. Hopefully, this will mean she gets to make a web series based off her Instagram pranks.

Matt Groening’s Life in Hell coming to an end.

The Nerdist adds new podcasts with Doug Benson and The Watkins Family.

Jimmy Carr apologises for tax evasion. That’s how you know you’ve made it as a comedian: You have enough money that warrants alleged tax evasion.