The MST3K Surpasses $5.5 Million Goal to Be One of The Highest Funded Kickstarter Campaigns for a Series Ever

Amazing–14 new MST3K episodes are coming thanks to YOU. More details soon, but for now a simple THANK YOU.

The original goal for #BringBackMST3K was $5.5 million for 12 episodes and in the final hours of the Kickstarter campaign, there was a surge pushing the total funds raised north of $6 million allowing for a stretch goal of 14 new, feature length episodes of MST3K to be done.

Not even Veronica Mars or the sequel to Super Troopers reached the numbers that MST3K did last night with their crowdfunding campaigns.

MST3K creator Joel Hodgson probably has some more surprises up his sleeve, especially having exceeded all his original stretch goals, as well as a premiere or release date. 

For now though, we’ll just marvel at how this run to revive the legendary cult show was done almost flawlessly and the amount of love MST3K got with well over 48,000 backers.