Adult Swim Premieres Brian Huskey’s Mr. Neighbor’s House, and Two Very Intriguing Pilots (One from Rob Corddry and the Other Starring Jason Alexander) Tonight


Mr. Neighbor’s House premieres at midnight followed by the pilot Hindenburg Explodes from Rob Corddry at 12:30AM. Then, Adam Lustick’s pilot The Mark Lembeck Technique starring Jason Alexander closes out the hour at 12:45AM.

Mr. Neighbor’s House looks to be twisted parody of Mister Rogers Neighborhood, The Mark Lembeck Technique, as seen in this promo, follows a really off-kilter therapist played by a frail voiced Jason Alexander. Corddry reimagines the events on a certain infamous dirigible leading up to the crash of the Hindenburg in Hindenburg Explodes.

All in all, it’s an evening of alternative realities, Adult Swim style, and we’re on board for that.