Showtime Is Developing Moshe Kasher and Zach Cregger Pot Dealer Comedy, Produced by The Russo Brothers

(via Deadline)

A spiritual successor to Showtime’s Weeds, perhaps?

Showtime’s latest comedy project in development follows a family of pot dealers who have to get their act together and look to their straight edge son when the sale of marijuana becomes legal in their state. Comedy about selling weed has worked well for Showtime before, so why not do it again?

This half hour sitcom comes from the great minds of comedian Moshe Kasher and Zach Cregger, who we’d hope you know from the Whitest Kids U Know.

The Russo Brothers (yes, the same ones who are behind many Marvel Cinematic Universe hits) have attached themselves to produce.

Making a comedy about selling pot legally has been really popular over the last few pilot seasons and we wouldn’t be surprised if this project would be the one that gets the greenlight.