Moshe Kasher’s Crowd Surfing Vol. 1 Really Captures the Joy of Crowd Work


In stand-up comedy, so much of crowd work is dependent on how quick a comedian can be on their feet. There is also a great deal of finesse involved as well. How perceptive one comedian can be from moment-to-moment can be the difference between unraveling into utter chaos and delightfully riding right up to that line.

Moshe Kasher takes great care to not only be as quick as can be with his razor sharp wit and ribbing audience members just the right amount on his new album Crowd Surfing Vol. 1, but he achieves his goal of making it engaging and captivating for us listeners that weren’t at this particular taping. He succeeds in capturing that lightning in a bottle that is stand-up crowd work by letting audience members tell stories and then slickly threading his commentary throughout. It’s a clever move on Moshe’s part by letting audience stories sort of anchor the “crowd work experience” and then cutting loose with his magnificent blend of high and low brow references, phrasing, and graceful delivery/cadence.

Best of all with Moshe Kasher: Crowd Surfing Vol. 1: A Crowd Work Experience, you can enjoy hearing some truly top shelf riffing with the crowd and have zero worries of being made fun of. 

Moshe Kasher: Crowd Surfing Vol. 1: A Crowd Work Experience is available now wherever you get/listen to/stream your comedy albums.