Moshe Kasher Gives an Excellent Response to a Fox News Contributor Who Wrote Him a Letter to Say He Wasn’t Funny

Regular Fox News and CNN contributor Betsy Hart attended a live performance of Moshe Kasher’s recently with her daughter at Miami University and found it to be not to her liking. In fact, she not only didn’t like it, she didn’t find it funny… at all. This discovery of how unfunny she found Moshe Kasher prompted her to write him a letter personally telling Moshe how unfunny he is, referencing a bit, ironically enough, that is about how older generations have seen it all and there’s no need to censor yourself in their presence. 

In most cases with most comedians, such a letter would be left to gather digital cobwebs in an e-mail archive, but Moshe felt the need to respond given Hart’s occupation and her insistence that she can “laugh at anything intelligent” amidst several other points in her letter. 

Of course, Moshe’s response was brilliant and is a good template for any response to individuals who tell a comedian they aren’t funny, especially when the comedian has everyone else in the audience laughing.

Read both letters here in full.