Morris From America Is the Sundance Comedy You Need to See That Already Came Into Theaters and Left


Many indie comedies that get celebrated and bought up for a nice price tag at a film festival like Sundance often become forgotten because they spend barely any time in an insanely small number of theaters. 

Such is the case with one of our favorite movies, Dedication, and it has just happened again with the wonderful Morris From America.

Chad Hartigan’s unique coming-of-age tale of a black American kid having to grow up in Germany has all the trappings of what should be a hit indie comedy that gets an expanding release over several weeks. Craig Robinson and Markees Christmas as a father and son pairing against the backdrop of modern Germany is truly funny and heartwarming without being schmaltzy. Yet, it didn’t get to stay on the big screen long for anyone to notice.

We even saw it and really enjoyed it, but then wondered what happened when it wasn’t in theaters and if it was going to play elsewhere or comeback, etc. For all those who are begging for more original movies that aren’t a cash grab off a pre-existing franchise, this is what you were looking for.

Thankfully, you can buy and watch Morris From America on Amazon, iTunes, and On Demand. That’s a thing you should do ASAP.