“Morris From America” and “Tallulah” Already Bought Up at Sundance

(via Deadline/Variety)

Coming of age and dramedies are still going strong at Sundance.

Two of the first buys for comedy come from A24 and Netflix of Morris From America and Tallulah, respectively. 

Morris From America, directed by Chad Hartigan, follows Markees Christmas (yes, the one from Channel 101′s Markees Saves) and Craig Robinson being transplanted to Germany and having to deal with adolescence overseas. 

Tallulah from Sian Heder, which Netflix acquired the rights to before Sundance began, follows Ellen Page taking a baby from a bad mother. 

While this sounds like in the ball park of last year’s Sundance fare, we hope that their fates in the box office, when released, are much different (i.e. better).