Morning Debriefing 5/8/12

1) The Sklar Brothers’ United Stats of America is on the History Channel tonight 10PM and The NY Times approves.

About United Stats of America

2) NBC appearing to get ready to make a wholesale change with their comedy line-up with the slew of shows they just picked up and giving short episode orders to fan favorites that get .gifs.  

3) Chris Gethard is hitchhiking to Bonnaroo without a bindle. He’s going to need your help.

4) Tonight on late night:
Casey Wilson on Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC 12AM)

Last night on late night:
Matt Walsh expounded on the history of monkeys in comedy on Conan
Admiral General Aladeen checked Jon Stewart’s bush on the Daily Show

5) Pre-order Jonah Ray’s Hello Mr. Magic Plane Person on 10" white vinyl here.

6) Don Draper raps about his love of Taxi with Reggie Watts on Comedy Bang Bang.

7) The very funny Matt Dwyer is going to have a podcast where he doesn’t interview comedians, but rather interesting people like Marijuana Defense Lawyers.

8) Applications for the LA Improv Comedy Festival are due this Friday

9) The Super Serious Show went to the Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival and Austin loved it again.

10) Rory Scovel’s Half Hour is happening this Friday on Comedy Central at 11PM despite what this promo with Todd Glass might lead you to believe.

11) If Vegas took odds on such a thing, the odds would most likely be that whatever jokes trying to tie MCA’s and Maurice Sendak’s death together aren’t going to be funny. 

Report 00500 (that’s right, it’s the 500th Debriefing, in case you were wondering)
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