Morning Debriefing 5/5/12

1) Not to worry (or think that you’re petition on Facebook really had anything to do with it) NBC’s bringing Best Friends Forever back June 1st. Maybe NBC brass just get a real kick out of torturing kids on the Internet?

2) Late World with Zach Galifianakis 3.0?

3) The Midnight Show album "Wow, Whaddya Know!“ is here… 

Wow, Whaddya Know!  It’s The Midnight Show (album)! (Taken with instagram)

4) Brendon Walsh’s The Half Hour will air Fri. May 25th 11PM on Comedy Central.

5) A new promo for Bunk with Kurt Braunohler on IFC in which Kurt touches the faces of contestants and more.

6) Advanced screenings of Bobcat Goldthwait’s God Bless America playing at the Downtown Independent Theater on May 11th-17th and a TBD free screening on May 9th at the New Beverly Cinema

7) Comedy abroad-ish:
Ron Funches @ The Comedy Underground May 11th-12th 8:30PM $20
Chris Fairbanks in Denver
May 23rd-25th
Hari Kondabolu in the Pacific Northwest throughout May
Stripped Stories @ Union Transfer (Philadelphia, PA) Tues. Jun. 19th 8PM $15 

8) What’s What’s Monty (Davey Johnson) shows that we’re celebrating the wrong Cinco De Mayo.

9) Jonas Polsky, known to many for arguing with Myq Kaplan about how to create jokes, wonderfully defends nothing being off limits on comedy… 

10) At an open mic at a bar, few things are funnier than the faces of non-comics that walk in at the sound of "I’m going to rape you unless you say no.”

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