Morning Debriefing 5/3/12

1) Tenacious D’s music video for their first single from their new album “Rize of the Fenix” got an applause break from us.

2) Jonah Ray is releasing his new album, Hello, Mr. Magic Plane Person, Hello, on 10" white vinyl with dropcard for a free digital download on May 15th. Better beat everyone else to the flea markets for a record player over the next two weekends.

3) A preview of the Between Two Ferns special this weekend with Jon Stewart

4) Apparently, TMZ thought it was really cool when Robin Williams dropped in at the Nerdist Theater, “a small comedy club on Sunset Blvd.”, last night, but didn’t bother with Patton Oswalt dropping into the Best Fish Taco in Ensenada on Tues.

5) Tonight on late night:
Lena Dunham on The Colbert Report (Comedy Central 11:30PM)
Stephen Colbert on The Late Show with David Letterman (CBS 11:35PM)

Last night on late night:
Amy Poehler played 5 Second Impression or Die with Jimmy Fallon 

6) A big congratulations goes to one of our favorite funny people, Erin Gibson, on becoming a writer for Funny or Die!

7) Horatio Sanz dressed up as a luchador tries to fight drogas in NYC in his new web series Espanto. That’s all we need to say besides WATCH.

8) Ashton Kutcher dressed up as a Bollywood director for Pop Chips and it didn’t work out nearly as well

9) There is a thing called Network Awesome and they’re looking for ‘video people’.

10) Long-ish reads on comedy:
Serial Optimist interview with Ian Edwards
“Say It One More Time and See What Happens” our latest essay at the Nerdist

11) Comedy abroad-ish:
In Arizona: Marc Maron TONIGHT, Taylor Williamson this weekend, and Jen Kirkman.
Baron Vaughn TONIGHT at Acme Comedy Co. in Minneapolis, MN
Harland Williams at the Jukebox in Peoria TOMORROW 
The Beards of Comedy in Iowa 

12) I wonder who would get more heavily criticized this weekend: the person who writes how they thought the Avengers "suckd ballz” or the comedian who tries to make Junior Seau jokes?

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