Morning Debriefing 4/8/12

1) Comedian Greg Barris went to jail because of a sticker

2) Of course Aziz Ansari hired a look-a-like to promote his new special throughout NYC

3) In only a few days, The Bridgetown Comedy Festival will get underway, but if you can’t make the trek from LA, or elsewhere, to Portland, there’s the LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival in two weeks that you may also make the trek to if you’re from elsewhere.

4) This is the last day to vote for all the voter categories for Comedy Central’s Comedy Awards

5) Any Easter humor today is totally eclipsed by Brian Blaquesmith’s tribute to the late Thomas Kinkade (via @pattonoswalt)

6) Just in case today is making you feel generous (for whatever reason that would make you so) Jesse Thorn’s MaxFunDrive is ending today and Creepy Caress’ Kickstarter still has a way to go.

7) We had no idea that the hilarious Kristine Levine has a podcast about having worked in a porn store. Check out the KA podcast.

8) Speaking of podcasts, Sean Green briefly conquered “comedy podcast” on Google

9) Even if it was just for 5 seconds, I consider it an Easter miracle that people stopped talking about The Hunger Games.

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