Morning Debriefing 4/2/12

1) Check out the awesomeness that will be the Bridgetown Comedy Festival this year now that their calendar is updated

2) The Nerdist YouTube Channel has gone LIVE! In case you we were wondering what the programming schedule was kind of like, Chris Hardwick gave us one

3) Congrats to LA’s own Jen Murphy and Andrew Sleighter for finishing in the top four in the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival!

4) Tonight on late night:
Kate Miccuci on Conan (TBS 11PM
Moshe Kasher on Last Call with Carson Daly (NBC 1:35AM

5) Jon Daly’s Rafflecast has finally made it’s return with Megan Amram, Rob Huebel, and Brandon Johnson as guests!

6) Not that it should be a surprise to any of you, but Alf Lamont’s article about the lack of right-wing comedians has sparked a response from a right-wing comedian on

7) We have no idea what Jason Segel and Kelly Oxford are concocting, but whatever it is, even if it’s set at the bowling alley where this Instagram was taken, we’re excited.

I throw peace signs much harder than the bowling balls Jason Segel throws. FYI- We’re now writing partners and are going to destroy everything in a way that will make you feel whole again.

8) Ladies and Gentlemen, Michael Scott’s Threat Level Midnight as a Criterion

9) Tracy Morgan can’t speak in tweets. Here’s the proof.

10) At this year’s Comedy Awards, Don Rickles will be honored with the Johnny Carson Award for Comedic Excellence. Also, you all still have time to vote for the 6 Viewer’s Choice categories for The Comedy Awards

11) In case you missed it last night, #PFTGOT (Paul F. Tompkins live-tweeting Game of Thrones Season Premiere)

12) Did you ever hear what the real person said to the alt comic? “What the hell is an alt comic?”

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