Morning Debriefing 4/20/12

1) The hilarious Erin Gibson righteously responded to critics focused on the looks of female comedians rather than the comedy of female comedians.

2) Our own righteous comedy piece on the Nerdist: Can Comedy Stay Punk?

3) Not that it’s surprising anyone, but Armando Ianucci’s Veep with Julia Louis-Dreyfus is apparently going to be really good according to the Hollywood Reporter.

4) A new live show is starting in LA affording the opportunity for audiences to see comedians about to do the road to put on the show that they would actually do on the road. Launchpad, a more traditional format of host, opener, feature, and headliner will debut Sun. Apr. 29th at Dangerfield’s 3. It’s one of the rare instances where “headliner” actually means what it’s supposed to mean in LA.

5) The LA Indie Improv Festival is taking submissions

6) Promos for upcoming comedy channel things:
Comedy Central’s The Half-Hour
Adult Swim Gold

7) Buzz Feed gives a list of 10 British comedians that we should know about including Ricky Gervais, but leaves out Gina Yahsere, Andi Osho, Russell Howard, and even ex-pat Reginald D. Hunter.

8) In case you haven’t heard, Paul F. Tompkins’ Laboring Under Delusions is debuting on Comedy Central tomorrow at 11PM. Hear more about at the AV Club or at Laughspin or from the dapper tale teller himself.

9) Laughspin also chatted with The League’s very funny Steve Rannazzisi.

10) Comedy abroad-ish:
Snob Theater 2 Year Anniversary with James Adomian in San Francisco next week

11) Thank goodness that I’m my own boss because if I told anyone else that I’m “working on fucking around”, I probably wouldn’t even get severance pay.

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