Morning Debriefing 4/19/12

1) Just set aside your weekend for comedy because both seasons of The Green Room with Paul Provenza are now available from Amazon!

2) Paul F. Tompkins wondering about Matt Damon’s mysterious on-set food on Conan

3) Todd Barry gave Black Book some of his road stories…

4) Rob Riggle will host the ESPYs.

5) More Bridgetown Comedy Festival coverage:
From comedian Barbara Holm via Huffington Post
From comedian Robert Buscemi
Portland Mecury
The Spit Take 
& ours from 

6) New Humblebrag rankings are up and, of course, Tyler the Creator from Odd Future is #1.

7) There is a live comedy show called Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction. An edition of it took place in Portland during Bridgetown. If you were lame like us and missed it, luckily, the hilarious Adam Cayton Holland posted his raunchy take on Friday Night Lights.

8) There’s a book featuring Chris Kattan’s Mr. Peepers not written by Chris Kattan

9) The Hollywood Film Festival is now taking submissions.

10) Comedy abroad-ish:
Baron Vaughn in Atlanta this week
Jay Larson around the U.S.
Christina Pazsitzky in Chicago
Jim Gaffigan around the U.S.
Marc Maron in Portland tonight and this weekend 

11) The Creepy Caress Kickstarter has almost reached it’s goal and ends tomorrow morning. Give just one last little push, whether it be creepy and/or caress-y, to them if you can.

12) The 5 Most Intentionally Funny Videos This Week 4/18

13) Went to 3 comedy shows last night and didn’t hear a single Dick Clark joke. I guess that’s what it takes to surprise me these days.

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