Morning Debriefing 4/17/12

1) IFC might have switched from being the Independent Film Channel to the Independent Funny Channel as they now are co-producing a live comedy show in NYC with BAMcafe.

April 25, 9pm at BAM FREE BAM and IFC join forces to present Get It Out There: Comedy by BAM & IFC, a new comedy showcase that allows comics to experiment recklessly with humor while causing only minimal harm to themselves and others. Each event features a handful of emerging comics testing out fresh material and probing the depths of their twisted souls for new forms of funny. Featuring Wyatt Cenac Hosted by Jared Logan with Mike Lawrence Damien Lemon Giula Rozzi  Let’s do this.

2) It was only a matter of time before we could get a box set of the WTF Podcast with Marc Maron that includes video of a live WTF taping and that time is now

3) Richard Pryor documentary finally in the works…

4) Tonight on late night:
Julia Louis-Dreyfus on The Daily Show (Comedy Central 11PM)
Patton Oswalt and Bo Burnham on Conan (TBS 11PM)

5) The final epic day of Bridgetown 2012 recapped at…

6) See the magic behind the Pod F. Tompkast, now, in video form

7) Suggested comedy reading:
Megan Amram gave us a wonderful look into what an Ayn Rand advice column would be like
The Wall Street Journal noted the comedy album has not yet died
The AV Club Chicago chatted with Matt Walsh and Greg Proops

8) The Midnight Show wants you to go to “not Kony Island” in NY.

9) According to an anonymous man, if the Onion doesn’t get a Pulitzer in the next year, random people will die.

10) What’s What’s Monty (the hilarious Davey Johnson) meets a banana.

11) While it’s a solid comedy formula to “Yes and…” something, it’s often a terrible way to live your life.

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