Morning Debriefing 4/15/12

1) Lena Dunham’s Girls premieres tonight on HBO 10:30PM only to be followed by at least 10 essays on it posted at 3:02AM.

2) Mitt Romney might be on SNL, which, if you’re surprised at all, wouldn’t be jumping the shark for them.

3) Set List: The Improvised Stand-Up Show as done by a puppet at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

4) Paul F. Tompkins returns to Bob’s Burgers tonight on Fox 8:30PM!

5) Slacktory searches for the best web show and takes a look at one of our favorites, Sex Teenagers.

6) James Adomian as the Sheriff of Nottingham kidnaps a hipster Maid Marian at the Super Serious Show up in Bridgetown 2012.

7) Speaking of Bridgetown, here’s what happened on Day 2 via HAHAJK

8) Comedy abroad-ish:
Akumal Comedy Festival in Mexico Apr. 19th-21st
Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival
 in Austin, TX Apr. 25th-28th 

9) For those studying comedy, I don’t know why there hasn’t been a graph made out of the laughs gotten from repeating something over and over.

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