Morning Debriefing 3/9/12

1) Improv Everywhere amazingly crashed a TED talk. Please watch without reading the video title.

2) The finale of this season’s Portlandia airs tonight 10PM on IFC, then followed by an extended sneak peek of Comedy Bang Bang the comedy series, which will undoubtedly be made into hundreds of .gifs only minutes after.

3) The Comedy Theory Behind Developing Jokes Battle-Jonas Polsky vs. Myq Kaplan. It’s long, but incredibly fascinating.

4) Mike Lawrence on Conan.

5) We know we’ve asked you to watch a lot of stuff already, but, seriously, watch Bob Odenkirk’s pilot for Adult Swim because, well… did you read the part where we said that it’s “Bob Odenkirk’s pilot for Adult Swim”?

6) Chris Gethard will be at SXSW giving away free, but not fancy, shit.

7) Amy Poehler is joining Adam Scott in divorced-kid-grown-up comedy.

8) Follow NTSF:SD:SUV’s production blog for Season 2 on Adult Swim because their body count is already north of 4.

9) The Black List compiled the list of the most cliched dialogue.

10) @Nick_Offerman is official.

11) We’re behind Will Weldon’s 10 Bills to Watch Currently Being Debated in Congress on Lady Bro more so than anything else in politics right now.

12) In this latest Nerdist post of ours, we made the point (for those commenters out there that don’t think think we have an opinion on anything and instead try to take an objective high ground, you’re probably just offended that we made a point you didn’t agree with) that “edgy” humor has ingrained itself so in the mainstream that it’s no longer edgy. 

13) The giant rock moving to LACMA late tonight is getting more attention than all comedy in the Greater LA Area. Keep in mind, it’s a rock.

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