Morning Debriefing 3/5/12

1) Just as you had hoped, THERE ARE lost episodes of Henry Phillips’ Henry’s Kitchen… 

2) Chris Hardwick made the official launch announcement for the Nerdist Channel on YouTube as a zombie.

3) “The Hungry Games” is our favorite Hunger Games parody thus far and we haven’t even read any of the books (We’re not a “popular literature bureau”, OK?). 

4) Whether remembering what it was like starting in out stand-up or wondering what it entails, read Kevin Hawkins account of exactly that and feel better about doing comedy/getting into it.

5) Jason Segel may not be a part of the next Muppets movie at all, but not, apparently, for any “creative differences”.

6) Don Rickles has an app of his own, even though, at some point, he’s probably joked about how he’s still wondering what the hell this thing is.

7) Hannibal Buress really did just walked on stage, without any permission, with a whole bunch of rappers and their entourages and got away with it, not to mention live-tweeting it.

8) Nick Ciarelli finally discovered the conversation between John Wilkes Booth and his horse after shooting Lincoln. Yes, this is “real”.

9) We’re still doing our ticket giveaway to Anna David’s True Tales of Lust and Love if you want to tell us how lonely you’re feeling…

10) On today’s Puddin’, Eddie Pepitone challenges Megan Amram in “letter to the editor” writing.

11) This whole week a giant rock will be traveling through LA county to be placed as a “sculpture” at LACMA at 8 MPH, which is at least a million times faster than anyone getting comparable recognition in comedy.

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