Morning Debriefing 3/31/12

1) From Megan Mullally’s story of how Nick Offerman proposed on Letterman last night, he’ll be hard to top.

2) @ApocalypseHow, @EliBraden, @ShelbyFero, @MeganAmram, @RobDelaney, & @KellyOxford star in an animated murdery “mystery”

3) Louis CK’s Live at the Beacon Theater to air on FX

4) We don’t personally know a person who is a fan of Downton Abbey, Arby’s, Skyrim, and Hoarders, but Downton Arby’s from Yahoo’s SketchY & Skyrim Hoarders from College Humor are just right up your alley, whoever you are.

5) The SAG-AFTRA merger just passed in case you were wondering what up and comedians will be referencing now in audition/casting/etc. jokes.

6) Venture’s Brothers’ James Urbaniak got profiled in Slate’s Browbeat

7) The full teaser for Season 2 of Eagleheart!

8) If this was is a magazine ad for a Dork Forest podcast T-shirt, how could you not buy one?

9) Anthony Jeselnik revealed what he felt worst for laughing at to Denver’s Reverb

10) How a Comedy Show on a Roof Gets Shut Down-the story of why, perhaps, we need a Los Angeles Comedy Preservation Society.

11) I haven’t watched all the late night monologues this week, but many writers must have written the joke for the headline “Reuters Loses Iranian Credentials After Female Ninjas Suit” to be, at least at first, this is a thing that really happened in real life.

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