Morning Debriefing 3/29/12

1) Apparently, we’ve become a horde of classless degenerates because Ron Burgundy is back for an Anchorman sequel

2) Andrés Du Bouchet is a brilliant comedian. Just watch his video on how to properly draw forehead penises for proof.

3) Aziz Ansari is putting on a contest on Facebook to see what city wants a free show from him. Also, he discussed what might happen if he doesn’t get the money back from his online special on Fallon.

4) Tonight on late night: Kristen Schaal on Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC 12AM)

5) Industry news a-plenty:
Cartoon Network is going back to their roots, reviving some of their most beloved programs from the 90s…
Paul Feig set to direct Ronna & Beverly across the pond for Sky…
Clerks 3 to be a stage play?
SNL to possibly feature a new female cast member.
Paul F. Tompkins will be playing a bit part on a new dramatic series, The LA Complex, on the CW. WHAAA????

6) Manos: The Hands of Fate will be coming to theaters in August, yet again, how it was meant to be with people commenting on it while it’s playing thanks to Rifftrax.

Goat-man eff tee double-u! kwmurphy:  Thats right.  RIFFTRAX LIVE.  MANOS THE HANDS OF FATE. In theaters nationwide.  August 16th. Mark your calendars.  Be there. Aloha. Youre in good hands with MANOS. Other cheeky sixties TV references.  

7) LA Comedy “abroad”:
Comedy at Bonnaroo
The Nerdist podcast in TX

Jen Kirkman, also, in TX
Justin Ian Daniels in Washington DC

8) LA comedy got heavily profiled on lists yesterday from Splitsider’s huge guide to LA comedy where we got several very wonderful mentions and Mashable made their picks for the best comedy podcasts.

9) The Spit Take highly recommended Moshe Kasher’s Kasher in the Rye. You should listen to them.

10) Congratulations to the San Francisco Comedy & Burrito Festival for making their Kickstarter goal. However, sketch series Creepy Caress still needs your help and now Jesse Thorn’s MaxFunCon is now going on a donation drive (of which you can support via buying an awesome lightbox).

11) Keep in mind: No one is asking what’s unfunny.

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