Morning Debriefing 3/25/12

1) Eric Moneypenny, the man who started a Kickstarter to buy Kickstarter, gave insight to Vice as to his motives and why Kickstarter shouldn’t have rejected his idea.

2) Huffington Post made their picks of the most memorable comedy happenings at SXSW

3) A new episode of Ted and Gracie is here and it yet again proves that Discovery Channel’s Who the Bleep Did I Marry? has nothing on Jena Friedman and Ben Kronberg.

4) If you’re still wondering about @Sketch_A_Tweet, then here’s a great video explanation/promo

5) The Moth is having their next LA Storytelling Grandslam this Tues. Mar. 27th, this time with Eban Schletter playing his theremin, which no one should ever miss.

6) Jeremy Martin, a name some of you might not be familiar with that we think is funny, just wrote a book of short stories, Don’t Bother, that only costs $0.99 on Amazon, so maybe you should get into it because books by funny people are a precious commodity these days.

7) This is Jamie Kilstein performing, and according to Paul Provenza, during the day, outside, while it’s raining at the Reason Rally, which, as inconsequential as it may sound, is near impossible to pull off.

8) Bringing this particular Morning Debriefing full circle, both the San Francisco Comedy & Burrito Festival & The Creepy Caress Kickstarters still need your help.

9) Several comedians, whether they know it or not, will debate with themselves whether they should live tweet the season premiere of Mad Men.

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