Morning Debriefing 3/24/12

1) FX might adapt the Coen Brothers’ Fargo into a series. What would come of it has yet to be decided, but we would definitely want a woodchipper used violently in every episode.

2) So, the Chris Gethard Show now has sweet merch

3) Comedy tapings in less than two weeks:
Tom Papa’s Naked Truth for TBS
Mash-Up with TJ Miller for Comedy Central

4) Following a second heart attack, Gallagher announced his retirement from comedy. Upon hearing that, thousands of comedians cracked the same joke about Gallagher that has been made for the last 5 years.

5) Jenny Slate might be set to be on TV regularly again, as she is set to co-star in CBS’ comedy pilot Super Fun Night

6) Live comedy recaps that are worth your time:
For Shame at the Hollywood Improv Lab in LA Weekly
Maria Bamford at the Laughing Skull in the Spit Take

7) Josh Fadem “promotes” a film on Kickstarter while challenging its star (i.e. Fadem being a goofy badass at Cinefile Video

8) And now, an important message on making top ten lists online… 

9) Jeremy Paul possibly channeled John McLaughlin’s Shakti in his latest Naked Declarative Statement or just wanted to play a stringed instrument while disrobed.

10) It’s only a matter of time before there is a completely fake news comedy show on TV where absolutely nothing is true, yet people will believe it wholeheartedly. Even if it’s called “¡SO THE INTERNET SEZ!”, it would probably still work.

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