Morning Debriefing 3/23/12

1) Welcome Nerdist Industries newest podcast, Cashing In with TJ Miller, with Cash Levy and TJ Miller as the podcast’s only host and guest ever…

2) Geoff Tate on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

3) Perhaps now that Bill Maher has said “stop apologizing” in the NY Times for saying things that may be insensitive and/or offensive, a few more people will listen…

4) Statler and Waldorf took over The Soup!

5) The Spit Take went in-depth on Aziz Ansari’s Dangerously Delicious and what it could mean for comedy in the future.

6) Hangover 3 is in the news again, which we only bring up because Eddie Pepitone will probably do a bit about it that EVERYONE should see.

7) For any readers that happen to be in St. Louis, MO tonight, please catch the wonderfully absurd Nick Vatterott.

8) Comedy Kickstarter round-up:
Creepy Caress: $780 of $6,000  
The San Francisco Comedy and Burrito Festival: $4,349 of $5,000

9) Mind you, this is a .gif from the Fancy & Enchanting-Certainly a Night for Remembering: A Benefit for Leukemia & Lymphoma

This is how the LA comedy community does a charity event.

10) If someone is planning to do a joke about the long lines to see the Hunger Games  tonight and how people can enjoy themselves more by waiting in a line at In N’ Out, please don’t.

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