Morning Debriefing 3/22/12

1) Dave Chappelle is back on Twitter @ChappelleDavidK (though the account is still not officially verified) and Bill Corbett (MST3K) has joined Tumblr, so maybe you can not hate social networking for a week. 

2) Last night on late night:
Wendy Liebman on Fallon
-Will Ferrell wore women’s sunglasses, discussed butt sex, and showed his passion for training dogs on Conan  
-Don Rickles on Kimmel Parts One, Two, and Three

3) Remember that time on The Office when Michael Scott ran out first when Ryan burnt a cheesy pita? The Office, as a whole show seems to be doing that in real life as they are looking for new showrunner and Ed Helms has joined Mindy Kaling’s Fox pilot. Along the same lines, The Onion News Network has went “Stamford”.

4) Watch Goatface comedy “do” a “man on the street” “sketch”. (There’s a reason for the quotation marks, so watch)

5) The very funny Candice Thompson and Brenda Colonna are starting their own wonderful web series, Creepy Caress, that needs your help on Kickstarter

6) The LA Comedy scene’s, specifically open mics, way of making fun of both the Oscars and itself, The Scoomies, are coming next Tues. Mar. 27th at Westwood Brew Co. Vote for a myriad of ultra-specific categories that only comics would ever come up with…

17th Annual Official SCOOMIE Ballot 2012

1. Least Dysfunctional
2. Best Newcomer
3. Most Prolific 
4. The Ethnic Award
5. Best Beard
6. Meltdown: It Just Got Too Real Award
7. You Don’t Know How Attractive You Are
8. Would Make the Best Guest Star on Downton Abbey
9. Best Hypothetical Couple ___and___
10. The Patience Award: Stays in Room and Actually Watches
11. Most Likely to Sign-Up Other People
12. Comic You Secretly Wish Was Your Best Friend
13. Most Ambitious
14. The TweetBook/Face-ter Award
15. If I Don’t Get an Early Set, I’m Out of Here Award
16. Comedian Who’s Material Would Make the Best Adele Song
17. Smartest Use of Stupidity
18. Best Attitude Despite Still Being Here
19. Most Likely to Have an Eponymous Sitcom on NBC: The “Whitney” Award
20. Best Writer 
21. Always Makes Me Laugh Guy ( Vote for 3)
1. _________________________________________
22. Always makes me laugh Lady( Vote for 3)
1. _________________________________________
23. Favorite Joke or Routine( Vote for 3)
1. _________________________________________

7) It really is wonderful to see Ron Lynch at the Laugh Factory (i.e. one of LA’s most innovative acts at one of the most mainstream venues in town)

8) Robin Williams to be honored at the Comedy Awards as a stand-up icon… 

9) Todd Barry’s touring ‘round the country just as he got a great profile in the NY Times.

10) We’ll just say this about this latest hysterical Midnight Show video: The Midnight Show knows how to educate the general public on everything.

11) It’s a real breakthrough in comedy, in whatever capacity you chose to do it in, when you delve head first into the stupidest thing you’ve ever thought of.

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