Morning Debriefing 3/20/12

1) Aziz Ansari joined the likes of Louis CK and Jim Gaffigan by streaming his special online for $5. It’s all going according to plan…

2) Dana Gould on Conan.

3) Eddie Izzard reviving the Munsters on NBC. OK, now we’re on board.

4) Wanna know what happens in the UCB green room? The brand new A Funny Thing Podcast just might be for you, especially since they’re first guest is one of our favorite storytellers, Margot Leitman.

5) Woody Allen’s To Rome With Love will open June 22nd with the folks in these stills (via enternechoplex) that you may recognize…

6) Steve Heisler, on the Spit Take, found that Lewis Black is, basically, still the Lewis Black we all have come to know and love on In God We Rust.

7) Dan Aykroyd set to make a movie with Chevy Chase, despite Bill Murray holding up Ghostbusters sequel.

8) Last night at Set List: the Improvised Stand-Up Show, Roseanne performed and reaffirmed her candidacy for President of the United States.

9) Serial Optimist chatted with the always delightful Wendy Liebman who more folks should know about considering how influential she has become in the way jokes are written and told.

10) 2012 has been a great year for comedy. The world isn’t going to end this year, but even the idea of it, I think, makes people want to laugh so much more.

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